This course will offer basic to advance knowledge of website design, development, and maintenance. Students will be given insights about industry standards. They will learn about the tools to evaluate the quality of their websites. In the beginning, the course will focus on design theory, the transition towards responsive web design and the processes involved. Moving forward the students will start HTML(Hyper-Text Markup Language) and CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) precisely HTML5 and CSS3, both of these together acts as the building blocks of Web Development. Further, we will add Javascript for the browser DOM controlling. These three technologies(HTML, CSS & Javascript) collectively form the Front-End of the website. Once the students get confident with the before mentioned technologies they will be introduced with the concepts of Back-end Development (PHP). Since the students should get confident using all the tools of Front & Back end we will dig deeper into them. For the ease and faster development time, we will introduce frameworks. The popular frameworks of CSS like Bootstrap & Javascript like React, Angular & Vue, etc.
Moreover, the course will clear the concepts of website hosting using MySQL Server.


8 Weeks


PKR 45,000 per intake

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*limited seats.

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