If you love to play games and get curious about how things work behind the scenes, then join this course. We will make you learn the internals of making a great game. The recipe for a great game revolves around some maths, character designs, story, visual effects & off course development. Basic maths is essential for drawing, motion controls & game physics. The character designs can be obtained easily from the Internet & the rest involves learning a Game Engine like Unity3d or UnReal etc. This course is designed with Unity3d as the main tool, to make students learn the dynamics of game development. Unity needs you to write scripts to make your game running. These scripts are written in C#, so the course will go through the essentials of this language. You will be introduced to the 2D Graphics, scene building, lighting, physics, networking, and rendering, etc. Insights of Unity 3D will be given time to time to make the students aware of how their code is being executed. The course will make you confident in using all major components of Unity. You will learn inspector and its use, shapes and their properties, assets, and objects along with the documentation of the respective engine thoroughly. At the end of this course, you will be able to create your next big game & many old school games like Tetris, pong etc. Meanwhile, you will have completed a game that you have developed as a final project using the knowledge you gained during the period of this course. This course is especially for individuals who have a passion for game design, game programming.


8 Weeks


PKR 70,000 per intake

Please contact or visit us if you need more information.

*limited seats.

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