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How to use Capture Ace (Google Chrome)

Capture Ace is an online screen recording app and can be used within the browser for desktop, with mobile coming soon.

Capture Ace (APP) is 100% free to use. It works on all major browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari (macOS), and Yandex with some limitations. Limitations may be due to the limitations of the browser or the operating system. Today we are going to discuss how Capture Ace works on Google Chrome (macOS and Windows) as well as some of its limitations.

Let’s start the screen recording by using Capture Ace (APP) in Google Chrome. Once the app is loaded, the capturing options are available; these options are outlined, below.

Simple Screen Recording

Click on the Start Recording button.

Once the Start Recording button is clicked a popup will appear with the options to start the screen recording.

  • Only one option can be selected at a time
    • Entire Screen
    • Window
    • Chrome Tab

Once the desired option has been selected for recording, the ‘Share’ button will start the recording.

Once the screen recording has begun, new options will appear. The ‘Back to settings’ option will appear on the left side of the navbar Notification icons are also available on the right.

The recording will stop automatically once the timer ends or can be stopped manually by clicking the ‘Stop Recording’ button.

Once the screen has been successfully recorded, there will be a preview of the recording. Additional options are accessible, such as downloading the video or making a new recording.

Screen Recording with System Sound

On the Capture Ace (APP) landing page, all three options or just one option can be used during the recording, lets discuss the first one SOUND. Select SOUND to record the system sounds while recording. System sounds are the sounds produced by the system such as alerts, notifications, videos, alarms, etc. Check the SOUND option and then click the ‘Start Recording’ button.

A popup will appear with options to be selected. Any type of media can be selected (Entire Screen, Window, or Chrome Tab) for recording. An additional option such as ‘Share audio’ is available which allows recording system sound.

‘Share audio’ will not work with the Entire screen and Window media in Google Chrome (macOS).

In Google Chrome (macOS) ‘Share audio’ only works when Chrome Tab media is selected.

Select the ‘Entire Screen’, ‘Window’ or ‘Chrome tab’ for recording and check the Share audio option to record system sound with the screen. Once ready, click on the Share button to make a recording.

Once the recording has started, the view will change to the Recording page. Since the SOUND option was selected, the sound recording icon is now green.

Screen Recording with Microphone

For the ‘Microphone’, select the MICROPHONE option and then click on the Start Recording button.

Select which media to record and click the Share button.

A popup will appear as soon as the Share button is clicked. The browser will ask for microphone permission to record with the screen. Click Allow to start recording.

Microphone is enabled.

Screen Recording with Webcam

Similar to other options, select WEBCAM to record the webcam with the screen.

Next, select the media to record and click the Share button.

Allow the browser to record the webcam along with the screen by clicking Allow on the popup.

As webcam icon is green and enabled. A small box will appear in between the timer and the ‘Stop Recording’ button where the webcam feed will be played.

Double click on the webcam feed to switch it to picture in picture mode (PiP) so it can be moved easily. Once the webcam feed is in the picture in picture mode it can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the screen to record. To close the picture in picture mode, click on it and then click on the cross sign to close it.

Why should use Capture Ace?

Capture Ace (APP) is a 100 percent free-to-use app on all major browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Yandex with some limitations imposed by the browser or by the operating system.

Capture Ace records the screen in high resolutions at 60 Frames Per Second (FPS) without sharing the data with any third parties.  Even we cannot see what you are using it for. In short, Capture Ace is 100 percent secure to use. Capture Ace can be used immediately, as there is no need to download, can be simply used within the browser. Furthermore, Capture Ace allows you to download watermark-free videos!

Capture Ace does come with a 10-minute time limit. For a future paid version, Capture Ace will be unlimited, for a small fee, so you will be able to enjoy fully captured videos.

If you have any questions, please leave us a message at [email protected] or via our contact form.

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